Why NYC Metro Area landscapes , rooftop Garden planters or penthouse terrace gardens benefit from our "smart"  drip irrigation systems or professional Lawn Sprinkler Installations 

We truly believe that we offer better understanding of NYC roof garden drip irrigation and landscape automatic watering systems. At NewYorkPlantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting, our company (newyorkplantings.com) is trusted by many in the NY Landscape services trade such as landscape architects, garden designers, builders and even other NYC garden design companies work with NY Plantings Irrigation System installation team. This means that any NYC property owner should know they are getting the very best in a NY Irrigation Services Company. Don’t trust the lawn sprinklers or drip irrigation systems installation to just any firm. NewYorkPlantings Drip Irrigation first began as a master mechanic's new obsession with landscape design and garden practice. Now, a master gardener and mechanic is offering you the best irrigation system services in NYC. If there was an irrigation and lawn sprinkler service company out there who could do better, we would not have started our own Manhattan, NYC based Drip Irrigation and Landscape Lighting Company. Save water:  Save Trees: Save the Earth and Environment:

time and money                Plants, shrubs and flowers            Why waste water? Leave some for the kids!  


Watering Systems and Drip Irrigation for the finest Gardens and Landscapes

Our Work Speaks for Itself

From our well stocked irrigation service trucks to our courteous, clean staff, neat organized work habits and professional drip irrigation and lawn sprinkler system installations that show respect for your property and attention to detail. Our Drip irrigation system installations may look as good as they perform! 
 Drip Irrigation Systems Applications
New York Plantings Drip Irrigation system installations generally outperform lawn sprinklers and competitors automatic watering systems.
 For our region of the United States drip irrigation is best known for use in:
  • Landscapes:Urban garden irrigation, Irrigation systems for townhouse landscapes, brownstone backyard watering systems, courtyard garden irrigation, public park drip irrigation systems. 
  • Gardens: Penthouse garden irrigation, roof garden irrigation systems, terrace garden watering, greenroofs (green roof irrigation systems), planters planter boxes, rooftop landscapes, greenhouses and green walls/vertical gardens



Save Water, Lower your Water Bill, Save the Earth
​A new drip irrigation system will pay for itself in water savings. No one wants to waste water. That's what you're doing while hand watering, watering with traditional spray heads or lawn sprinkler type landscape/garden watering systems.  Find out more

  • Waters the landscape or garden trees, shrubs or flowers only when needed
  • Delivers water to plants roots where it will do most good: less evaporation!
  • Saves time: What do you need more time for? Time= peace & money! 
  • Smart irrigation controllers combined with drip irrigation use 70% less water, more reliably, self adjust, can be controlled from a smart phone!    
Improve the health of garden plantings, trees & shrubs 
Providing the right amount of water to the most effective location (the roots) does more good for your terrace garden or landscape planting beds than any other form of watering.
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  • Less evaporation= less water applied. Nearly 95% of the water emitted goes directly to roots of trees,flowers and shrubs not on leaves 
  • Eliminate Spray mists that encourage fungus, and mildew diseases especially during cool nights. Drip irrigation greatly reduces or eliminates this concern.

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